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Portia's Diner

By choosing to eat at Portia’s Diner you have become part of our mission to keep local and chemical-free foods available and plentiful, all while strengthening our community, lessening the impact on our earth, and enjoying a healthy and satisfying meal. We refuse to compromise on quality and source our foods from organic and local farmers whenever possible. We also use fluoride-filtered water and natural sweeteners, and we never use GMO products. Our commitment to the environment extends to waste – we are conscious in the kitchen and we donate, recycle, and compost what we cannot use.

Vegan: We use no animal products in the production of our foods

Gluten-free: We only choose to use ingredients that are naturally gluten-free

GMO-free: We source our ingredients only from non-genetically engineered organisms

Organic: We source organic and chem-free products and never use any dirty dozen ingredients

Local: We support our community of farmers by buying local whenever possible

Made with Clean Water: We filter our water to remove fluoride, chlorine, VOCs and contaminants